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Pascal Renolt

   Having French origins, but in love with Gandía and Spain in general, Pascal was born in a small village in the Mediterranean coast of France, 44 years ago. His first experiences in Dj booths were in 1988, starting up in small venues and soon moving on to bigger places such as Bacarra, in playa de Gandía, which is one of the most relevant venues in the area. After being resident Dj there for 3 years, he is hired to collaborate in a new project, the venue CocoLoco, in Gandía, where begins his longest residency, being there since they opened their doors in 1992 until its closing in the winter of 2014. In this venue is where he gets recognition nationally and he starts to work even outside Spain, going to France.

   CocoLoco, together with Pascal, get so much attention at that point that Pascal begins to be called to appear in several episodes of the TV show Punto pelota (now called Chringuito de Neox. At that point, his image becomes so well-known that he combines his job as Dj with being Radio host and TV host in 40 TV Gandía and Máxima FM Gandía. He also did warm ups for Pitbull and Daddy Yankee in their Spanish Tour. When his job in CocoLoco finishes he goes back to the first venue he was a resident of, Bacarra, where he has been for 3 years now, being one of their resident Djs.

   His style gets the summers moving with fun and fresh sessions that stay in various generations’ minds. He has a special feeling with the youngest members of the audience, thanks to his personality and song choices.  These two point impulse him to perform in the most important venues in Spain, filling up every party he performs in and in each one of his residencies in the trendiest venues in Madrid.

   His wide impact and long career, even take him to create his own clothing Brand that is well-known and worn by the most famous football players in the country. The brand is called PR (his initials), and you can get to know his entrepreneurial side and his wide collection in the fashion world.

         Bacarra (Val)
         CocoLoco (Val)
         Kapital (Mad)
         New Garamond (Mad)