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Miguel Aparisi

   Miguel Aparisi Merino, born on May 28th, 1976 in Gandia (Valencia). He is a Dj able to connect with all kinds of public, thanks to the variety of music styles in his sessions, among them can be found: Latin electro, dance, reggaeton, house, etc…. He identifies himself as a music and sounds lover, enjoying everything that music involves. He is a great showman and entertainer and one of his greatest strengths is his connection with the public through the microphone.

   His talent has taken him to perform throughout Spain and to do the warm up sessions and perform with various national and international artists including Inna, Cali el Dandee, Brian Cross, Henry Mendez, Juan Magan, Dj valdy, Jose de Rico, Dani Moreno ,Javi Reina, Roberto Sansixto, dj Nano, Fonsi Nieto, Luis Lopez, Albert Neve, Charly Rodriguez, Juanjo Martin etc.

   During the last 12 years, he has been the resident Dj at one of the most relevant nightclubs in Spain, Falkata and Falkata Sundown Club, and also at Bacarrá, another great venue from the Gran Manzana group.