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Santi Bertomeu

Persuasive, provocative, impassioned... Is how we could define this DJ from Alicante on stage what makes his performances outstanding is the passion with which Santi plays ‘commercial  house’ and ‘electro-­‐latin’ music, always cheering up his audience speaking by the microphone. This  is essential, catching the energy of the crowd and making the dance floor vibrate. He has performed in important Festivals such as "Festival Paellas Alicante", "Valencia Winter Festival", "MegaParty", "AlfasLand", "Inspiration",  “Neverland”, “Tallarina On Tour”... He has also performed next to national and international well-­known DJ’s, including DJ Valdy, Albert Neve, Ethernity, Jose de Rico, Henry Mendez, Charly  Rodriguez, Danny Romero, Kiko Rivera, Dr Bellido, Camilo Franco or the top Dj David Guetta on his only big show in Spain in 2016, among others.

During 2013, he reached a top spot as a national trending topic in the social network ‘Twitter’ in  several occasions, due to his comments and the feedbacks posted back from his fans. Considering  how much he has grown in the social networks, no-­‐one would doubt that Santi is probably one of the best known DJs in the Valencian Community region. Undoubtedly, this is the key of his popularity and success  in each of his performances.Currently, he combines his residences  at  CAN TALLARINA with performances in the best clubs and festivals throughout the national territory.

 Finally, his Radio-­‐DJ role in the most mischievous radio-­‐show of the region deserves a special  mention, broadcasted by Activa FM, live from CAN TALLARINA every Sunday afternoon.